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AI-powered calculator

AI-powered calculator can now accurately predict the time of a person’s death.

A new AI-powered calculator is capable of predicting an individual’s death with more than 75% accuracy. This technology has made it possible to predict something previously only estimated accurately.

According to a news article in the New York Post, a new AI death calculator has been developed that can predict the exact time of a person’s death with surprising accuracy. The study behind the calculator, titled “Using a sequence of life events to predict human lives,” uses a technology called transformer models to analyze the life events of individuals and represent them as a sequence. Sune Lehmann, the study’s lead author, explained that this technology can help predict when a person is likely to die.

Scientists have developed a new algorithm named “life2vec”, which can predict a person’s death date with 78% accuracy. The algorithm considers factors like income, profession, residence, and health history to make the prediction.

However, the algorithm is limited to data gathered over eight years and only for people aged 25-70 (and 35-65 years for early mortality prediction).

The scientists behind the study, who are from Denmark and the U.S., published their findings in the Nature Computational Science online journal. They said that the algorithm could predict almost anything, but they focused on predicting death since it has been studied for years by insurance companies and others.

It’s important to note that the scientists did not share the death predictions with any of the study participants.

How does the death calculator work?

Suppose you’re interested in learning how this technology works and want to contribute your information to the AI algorithm. In that case, you should know it’s unavailable to the public. The researchers are trying to find ways to share some of the results with everyone while protecting the privacy of those who participated in the study. It’s a complex process that requires more research, but they’re working on it!

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