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Dhiraj Sahu’s Property: I-T Raid Digs Up Over Rs 300 Crore, Unearths 10 Astonishing Nuggets!

Dhiraj Sahu, a member of the Indian National Congress and a sitting Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, has recently been scrutinized by Income Tax authorities after discovering an unprecedented amount of cash, exceeding Rs 300 crore, at his premises. This substantial cash seizure has prompted numerous inquiries into the politician and the incident. Herein, we present ten noteworthy aspects that warrant consideration:

1.) Dhiraj Sahu, a seasoned 64-year-old Congress MP hailing from Jharkhand, is renowned for his unwavering commitment to fostering a prosperous and all-inclusive society wherein equal opportunities are afforded to every citizen.

2.) Despite his success as a businessman, Sahu has consciously refrained from engaging in business activities within Jharkhand due to his deep-rooted concerns regarding unethical practices prevalent in the state.

3.) Sahu has chosen to remain silent about the recent cash seizure, which starkly contrasts his previous declaration of cash assets amounting to Rs 27 lakh, along with a bank balance approximating Rs 8.59 crore.

4.) Sources within the Congress party in Jharkhand indicate that Sahu is involved in several business ventures under the umbrella of the Sahu Group, and he intends to explain the cash recovery in compliance with legal procedures.

5.) Sahu’s political journey commenced in 1977 when he joined the Congress as a National Students Union of India member. Over the years, he steadily ascended the party ranks and established connections with the Lohardaga district and the Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee.

6.) Sahu’s tenure in the Rajya Sabha began in 2009, following his election through a bypoll. Subsequently, he secured a second term in 2010 and a third term in May 2018.

7.) Sahu’s parliamentary involvement extends beyond his role as an MP. He actively participates in various committees, including the Consultative Committee on Power and New and Renewable Energy and the Committee on Coal, Mines, and Steel.

8.) Sahu attributes his political and social consciousness to his father, Rai Sahab Baldeo Sahu, an industrialist and freedom fighter.

9.) Sahu’s official website emphasizes his unwavering dedication to constructing a prosperous and all-inclusive society while promoting sustainable economic growth, enhancing access to education and healthcare, and safeguarding and advancing cultural heritage.

10.) Union Minister Amit Shah expressed astonishment and criticized the Congress party and other opposition parties for their silence in the face of corruption allegations. He specifically called attention to the INDI alliance, comprising JDU, RJD, DMK, and SP, for their lack of response to this significant corruption scandal.

It is important to scrutinize the facts of this incident impartially, ensuring transparency and accountability within politics.

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