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Prices are expected to rise by 87 percent for properties in Gurugram, including houses, offices, and land, making them expensive.

The government has decided to increase the price of buying a house in Gurugram by almost 87% starting from January 1, 2024. This means it will become much more expensive to buy a house in Gurugram, making it harder for people to realize their dream of owning a home in the area.

Gurugram News: Buying a house in Gurugram, a city that has made its own identity worldwide, will become more expensive from the beginning of the new year. This price increase may make it difficult for middle-class families to dream of owning a home. The Haryana State Administration has announced an 87 percent increase in the circle rate of Gurugram, which will directly impact home or flat buyers. This increase in the circle rate will affect residential properties, shops, offices, and agricultural land in Gurugram, making them more expensive. Property registration cannot be done at a rate lower than the circle rate. The proposed rates are set to take effect from April 1, 2023, and will definitely increase the state government’s revenue. However, it will hurt the dreams of those planning to buy a house or register their property.

Circle rates will increase by 10 to 87 percent in Gurugram.

In Gurugram, Haryana, adjacent to Delhi, the district administration has proposed to increase the circle rate of property from 10 to 87 percent. The new rates will be applicable from January 1, 2024. Before December 7, objections and suggestions were sought from the people of Gurugram on these circle rates, on which only 15 objections or suggestions have been received till the 7th, which will be brainstormed on the 10th. After that, some changes may be made in the proposed circle rate. The circle rate is the rate based on which the state government’s revenue is decided on the purchase and sale of land. This means that the property will not be bought or sold at less than the circle rate under any circumstances. The Revenue Department cannot register the property at a rate lower than this.

Houses, shops, flats, offices, everything will become expensive.

A new circle rate has been proposed for Gurugram in 2024. This new rate will increase the cost of buying a house and purchasing a shop, office, or agricultural land. The proposed circle rate for agricultural lands in many areas is up to 87 percent higher. On December 10, the district administration will review the objections and suggestions, after which they will send the proposed circle rate to the Haryana government for approval.

40 to 80 percent increase in land rates proposed in Badshahpur

District Revenue Officer Poonam Babbar said the suggestions received on the registered objections will be considered. Separate committees have been formed especially for this, which will work in a phased manner only. As the administration suggested, 40 to 80 percent of agricultural and commercial land rates in Badshahpur have been proposed. In Farrukhnagar, prices have been proposed to increase by 87 percent for agricultural land and 35 percent for commercial land. In the Wazirabad tehsil area, it has been proposed to change the prices of residential and commercial land by 61 to 70 percent.

How do you know the circle rate?

Gurugram District Administration has uploaded the proposed circle rate list on the website where the proposed rates have been published for the general public. If you also want to see your area’s proposed circle rate list



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